About Us

Hello! We are glad you are here!

Pueblo Picture a Day is a place for a daily creative glance at what interesting or beautiful tidbits the city of Pueblo, Colorado has to offer!

Loving photography and Photoshop, and wanting to showcase the city for friends in the process of moving here, this blog evolved into something for natives, newcomers and transplants alike.

Having lived in different parts of the country, combined with having a love of travel, its hard not compare Pueblo to other places we've seen - now that we call it home once again.  I hope to show that you don't have to be in the mountains of the Western Slope or on the streets of Paris to see what interest and beauty life has to offer. It can be found right here in our wonderful community of Pueblo, Colorado!

Enjoy your daily dose (mostly M-F!).  We will have guest photographers: Martin, Blaise and Teddy, to give you a different "vision" from time to time.  We'll also have different themes throughout the seasons, as well as "Where are We Wednesdays" and  "Front Door Fridays".  Some will be observational, some will be personal, but all will be within Pueblo County.

Whether you live in town and want to look outside your box, whether you are homesick and living elsewhere, or your journey is leading you here sometime in the future, we invite you join us!

We hope you have fun. Thanks for stopping by!

P.S.  If you are like us and have "ants in your pants" and have to be "on the go", visit our other Blog MONKEY MOUNTAIN. Its a look at "Things to Do, Places to Go, People to See and Food to Eat"

And, if you are interested in our even more CREATIVE side, have a look at our DESIGN headquarters, MAGNOLIA TREE STUDIOS, where we create art, cuisine, webpages, textiles,  make over and up-cycle furniture, gardens and almost anything related to designing something anything!  We promise, its a lot of fun!