Thursday, May 31, 2012

(Green)House of Earl

This covered greenhouse, found on Washington St. on the edge of the Mesa Junction neighborhood, is dug 4 ft. into the ground and keeps plants warm in winter and cool in the summer!
On one of our recent marathon morning walks we met a most interesting gentleman named Earl and his lady, Virginia. Upon passing their home, Virginia inquired with us if we were here for the
"Plant Sale". Well naturally my ears perked us as I exclaimed "Plant Sale? Why of course!". Virginia led us from the front of her house to the side where she and Earl had long tables set up towards the back of the driveway, with pots and pots of plants. But what normally would have kept me ogling for minutes on end quickly became an obstacle for me to get to something that totally amazed me. The length of the backyard was a continuous greenhouse! It was actually 3 or 4 butted up right against each other, with no covers on so you could see the seedlings directly in them, with yet another house off to the side with the cover on!  I had to gasp as my mind took this all in. I am strictly an amateur gardener, but to me I had unwittingly stepped into a back yard I could only wish for! I understand most people's ideas of a dream back yard include grandiose views or swimming pools, but give me a greenhouse any day!  Clearly these people know what they are doing!

Not only does Earl grow all of his plants from seeds, he's like a plant scientist! He creates "Worm Tea", which can be sprayed on plants or throughout the yard, to help vitalize the soil and make things grow better. He also makes sort of like a soil with worm casings to improve soil conditions. I know what you are thinking, but worms are great for your garden! I believe its Oregon State University he is working on tests with, and significant improvement has been shown. We definitely want to give his lawn spray service a try sometime soon.

So, you never know who you are going to meet when you are out for a morning walk! We thank you Earl and Virginia for giving us the tour!  The plant sale is every weekend and you are welcome to stop by. Check in with us tomorrow for more info!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lady in White

This little lady can be seen perched downtown in the vicinity of 5th and Court st.
Pueblo is home to several artists, and its a joy to see local businesses showing support by showcasing their work. Molded in what appears to be stone, this Native American woman holds a piece of pottery.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

AS Roma?

No way. That's not an international soccer team.
That is Pueblo's own Middle School Soccer All Star Team.
The games were played in blistering heat this past weekend at Dutch Clark Stadium. Our very own associate photographer "Blaiser" was a member of the orange team so we "photo"chronicled his story.

The competition was fierce.....

As was the heat...

The temperature soared at Saturday's game forcing some spectators to cool off with sno cones and popcorn.

The game was neck and neck and went into a double over time.

Some times things don't work out in our favor, but we still put our heart into it....

And some fan's blood will always run orange....

Monday, May 28, 2012

With Our Sincere Gratitude

This memorial plaque stands on a 30 ft obelisk in Mineral Palace Park

To any and all, who have served, are serving or will serve, we thank you too.
Today, and Everyday.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Front Door Friday

Or "Front Entrance Friday" for this particular home/building. The cute little gargoyles are actually above the front door and are far more interesting. Wouldn't you love them perching on your roof?
I also love the family's monogram designed into the building and the gothic style weather mane topping if all off of this downtown building/family residence in our river walk district.

We wish everyone a happy Memorial Day weekend, the official start of summer. And thanks to those of you who inquired where we were this week and being patient with the erratic posts. We promise
the weeks to come will be smoother as the 150 screen printing t shirt project, bank website, furniture overhaul and picnic planning for 200 are all done!  Woo Hoo! Summer has begun for us here at PPAD, and we have a lot of fun and interesting pictures already in the line up that we are excited to show you. We also will be traveling around the state with new Colorado transplants, folks staying with us from China,  Florida and Texas along with some of our own family jaunts, so, stick around with us this summer, its going to be HOT!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pueblo Eye

Ferris Wheel at the Wild, Wild West Festival
We got a kick out of this photo. At first glance it reminds us of the "London Eye". Also known as the Millennium Wheel. You know, the perpetually rotating ferris wheel smack dab in the middle of London's financial district.  Look there in the background. Do you recognize that cupola? Yep, that's the one we posted about a few months ago on City Hall. Ah, the bustling metropolis of Pueblo. Actually, if you were around town this weekend, you couldn't help notice the town was bustling. We had the huge Wild, Wild, West Festival AND the Pro Bull-Riders Rodeo going on. Let summer begin!

      The Pueblo Eye vs. The London Eye

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where are We Wednesday!

Yes, this the reservoir (or the "Dam" in Pueblo speak) at "Lake Pueblo", but can you tell me where we were standing when we took the photo?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Heat is On

I know, sorry, but I couldn't help it. Its hot!!! This tumbleweed, seen in the prairies of the East side of town looks how I feel!

Monday, May 21, 2012


We didn't get their names, but these 2 guys spotted us on our early morning walk and came right on over to us to seemingly say "howdy". I say "howdy" because I figured that's what 2 horses from the Pro Bull Riders Rodeo would say, as opposed to "hi". The PBRR was in town with a huge event this weekend so we saw as many horses and cowboys as we could shake a stick at. A source close to us says the event was quite fun filled. That's great you supported events held here in town!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Gateway to Fun

Aside from my displaced watermark there, I've always liked this "doorway". It is the gateway from the tennis courts at city park, opening up to horseshoe lake and the kiddie rides and zoo. The gateway to fun if you are a kid. It used to be part of an old baseball field bleacher, turned off limits bleachers at the tennis courts.  Its been around as long as I can remember. Me and 3 other little monkies used to think we were invincible and climb all over it. I will get a shot of the tower connected to it for another post. Though it does look dated, and it is for sure, its quite an impressive structure and shows what workmanship used to be like back in the day.

Next week is going to be a touch and go week. As everyone else, we will be trying to finish up a LOT of projects and wrapping up the kid's school year. If I don't get the email notices out, you can still come directly here to the webpage and see if I've gotten the day's picture up!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tulip in Stone

Tulip fountain seen in a courtyard downtown

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Win This RV!

The roomy, Ford Shasta Revere F-350  v-10
You may have seen this snazzy baby around town lately. Seems we are seeing it everywhere! That is because this 99', 5 sleeper RV , with a new flat screen TV, 40 gallon hot water tank, shower, awning, furnace, microwave, and A.C is being raffled off to some lucky winner! Thats right! Students from
St Therese Catholic School will be selling tickets for the Sept. 5th drawing for only $25 (or 5 for $100) throughout the summer! If you see it around town, stop and take a peek. Its in immaculate condition!
If you'd like to purchase tickets, shoot us an email here at PPAD or leave us a comment, and we'll send you in the right direction. Wouldn't it be nice to just be able to take off to the mountains on a whim, or take off on a road trip without having to make lodging plans? We do too!

Next time we come across it, we'll shoot some inside photos!
Other info we were told about: Towing capability auxiliary outside carrier across back, 40 gallon gas tank, battery disconnect, 45,000 original miles (only 5000 miles!), almost new tires! Current appraisal is $12,000!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

St Anne's Church

Alter of St. Anne's Church
A faithful reader of ours suggested this photo, and we agree. The hand-painted alter of this small church on the East side of town is an eye catcher with its brilliant color and detail!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Oops! Canon - Mineral Palace Park

Thank you for the emails reminding me! The last "Where Are We Wednesday" shot was a close up of this canon found in Mineral Palace Park. I know, It was a hard one. Sorry to say none of you win the title of "Mr." of "Mrs" Pueblo  : )  ... but there will be others soon. With prizes!

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Vail Hotel

We liked this shot reflecting Memorial Hall across the street to introduce you to this historical building.
We have to start at the front door of this magnificent downtown building. This shot was chosen so you can see the oak doors up close. We will focus on the more beautiful aspects in another post, as you can see there was some original stained glass work done to the top of the door that needs to be shown off. If you back up across the street the beauty of this sort of Victorian style building comes to life. It was built in 1910, and at the time, considered to be the the most modern hotel this side of Chicago. Yes, it is on the National Historic Register. And yes, just as you might think- it rumored to be haunted. (Click here for footage by Ghost Adventures). For now though, its a retirement home. Perhaps that is fitting, yes?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Legends in Their Own TIme

I knew 3 young ladies who used to kick pretty good butt on the courts. Today's post is a small homage to them.
What's all the ruckus here you say? Well, you would say, if you were around the city's tennis courts this weekend. Every year for as long as I can remember, Pueblo gets to host the girl's 4A High School State Tennis Championship Tournament. Teams from all around the state come here to compete for the coveted "State Champ" crown. This year, to no one's surprise, Cheyenne Mountain from Colorado Springs is expected to take it. However, Pueblo will have some good representation with a handful of players from Central and Pueblo West High (This year's first time District Champs), along with one or two players from East High and Pueblo County High. Good luck ladies!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Super Moon

The moon is within your grasp!
Did you lay down this weekend to go to bed and feel like you left a light on? Or did you think the street lamps were shining right in your windows? That's because this past week end we had a "Super Moon". Where the moon reached perigee, its closest point to Earth in its elliptical orbit.

When the moon is on the perigee side of its orbit, it's about 31,000 miles closer to Earth than it usually is. It usually happens once a year.

We like the Full Moon Info site, run out of Germany, to remind us each month the dates of the full moons. The date of the next one is Monday June 4th 2012. The time is given in European Central Time, so I would guesstimate at about 11:30 our time it will be the fullest too!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It Bloomed!

Behold! The single, yet very fragrant and showy peony!

Monday, May 7, 2012

More Wildlife...

Yeah, I know. but its Monday morning cut me a bit of slack!

Not exactly wildlife, these little guys still have a little story.
Like the deer in a previous post, I really did almost run into (step on) this little family. I was at the "jog" part of my "wog" and as I came around the corner of this rock wall, I found this little group under foot. Good thing I am graceful and light on my feet. I didn't step on any of them, nor fall and break my arm like it probably looked like I was doing if you were one of the many passing cars.

All around the city's parks and lakes you can see tiny baby chicks that just hatched. This little mother had a total of 10 babies and it is why I is stopped - She was separated from the other 5 and she was frantically trying to get to them.  They had squeezed under a fence that she couldn't fit through and she was in a panic to find them. She was scurrying around my feet as if asking for my help, so I tried to lift the fence for her but it wouldn't lift out of the ground.  I tired to make a hole but she still wouldn't fit. There was not a gate to be found! Her panic was growing as she could hear in the trees beyond, the rest of her clan peeping for her. I had to step out and field traffic for her as she weaved in and out of cars with little babies staying close to her side! Finally though, I had had enough of the nonsense! With a very busy day ahead of me and eager to get going, I flagged down a zoo employee, about 1 block away, arriving for his morning duties. I relayed the story to him. He oddly (lol) didn't looked as concerned as I was, however, he promised to go have a look and help them. 

Another lap through the park to verify the zoo man's promise showed he was sincere and did indeed reunite the family...Aw come on! You would have done the same thing if they were cheeping at YOUR feet!

Friday, May 4, 2012

The House that J. Euclid Miles Built

We choose B&W to imagine what it may have looked back in 1900, but had to show you the neat details in full 2012 color!
We were always admiring the shapes of this old home on our frequent trips to the Lake Ave. Dairy Queen. Upon close inspection of a historical marker in the yard, we realized the home is the one we saw on the list of Historical Homes of Pueblo!  Do a drive-by and you'll notice how quaint and immaculate the current owners keep the yard. They even have a neat website with photos of the inside and a catalog of previous owners. To check it out click HERE.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


A peony romance novel
Those of you who love peonies know what a rare treat this is to find randomly growing in your yard.
Peonies, gorgeous as they are, tend to be a bit sulky and hard to grow  -  except the abandoned house down the block that grows them in bushels. But my envy digresses me... The peony has to have just the right amount of heat. The leaves have to be just the right shade of green, and the roots have to have the right amount of sugar, or these beauties simply will not bloom. Sometimes sulking for years before gracing the world with their heavenly scent.

Much to my delight I found this little bud covered in the depths of overgrown vines, mean, poking and woody old thorn bushes, and annoying masses of elm tree shoots! Quickly I became focused on saving her!  Thrashing about with my clippers and shovel till no other plant was within reach.
Giving her the sun. Giving her oceans of water. And there she sits. Like a queen on her bushy green throne. Staring at me. Making me wait. Making me wonder.
Will she? Or won't she?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Where are We Wednsday!

OK! I hope your week is going well. It's time for another round of "Where Are We Wednesday?"
What savvy, cosmopolitan pueblo-an, present or previous, can tell us all where this photo was taken?
If you are the first person to identify where and what this object is, you will win a much coveted guest photographer post! Yeah, the prizes will get better, I promise- but for now, read the entry rules and submit your guess!

Do 2 of the follwoing options- yes, you big fans can do all 3. We would love it if you did!

1. Follow us. Look this logo on the far right side bar of this page, and scroll down till you see it. Then click it. If you "Facebook:, we'd love you to"Friend" us on there too.

This logo, far right side of page, scroll down to find it.

2.  "Like" a particular post on FB. just click the "Like" button at the bottom of the post. It looks like this:  
3. Most importantly. To submit your guess, click on "comments" at the very end of this post. Right next to the date and time. Its usually in light blue letters. Click there and it will take you to the post's own page, where you can submit it in the submission box.

Thanks so much for joining us each day. We are loving hearing from you all. Good luck. Lets see who can out smart us by figuring this out!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Egg Drop Soup

This particular egg survived. The 1st grade package designer who wished only to be recognized by the
initials T.V., tells us the egg was suspended in the box with gorilla tape and then the entire box was
stuffed with fresh made popcorn. No butter.
Or at least that is what it looked like on the grounds of a local Pueblo K-8 school. The entire school participated in a day long Science Extravaganza with the finale being an experiment of every student constructing a package which would protect an egg inside when dropped off the roof.