Monday, April 30, 2012

Singing in the Rain

Or to be more accurate, Singing in the Drizzle. We only got touch of rain compared to the surrounding counties, but temps were much cooler this weekend keeping us outdoors the majority of both days. This week promises more heat. If you haven't yet, get your sprinklers ready!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blue Green

This door is an eye catcher with the mix of green and turquoise and the dots of purple flowers.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Treasure Hunting

This estate sale, found right off Goodnight Ave.  will be going on throughout the weekend.
My youngest gets a bit annoyed with me when I tell him "Let's go treasure hunting!",  and then finds out what I really meant was checking out the estate sale I spied down the block. As does my oldest, when asking, "what are we doing today?", and I respond "Dah-ling, today we shall go "sailing"", only to find out what I mean is doing a drive by the yard sale with all the signs hung everywhere around town. What can I say? Its that time of year again. Pueblo-ans love their bargains, and they love the quest and the stories that usually come with them (yes, I'll post mine at a later date, lol!).  So come, enjoy the warm weather and join us in the luxe life - "Sailing" with a Sonic Happy Hour stop along the way!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trickling Tile

I'd love to have these all over the Place.  This tile, if you look closely, is actually a fountain downtown!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Familiar Towers

You may recognize these towers in the skyline, but not sure exactly where? They are most apparent driving South on I 25, but actually located off of Santa Fe Ave.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mother Earth

Mary and her OHNO crew have been meeting every Wednesday morning for years to help tend to the Mineral Palace Park Conservatory flower bed mound. Take a minute when on this side of town to admire their work.
There were plenty of Earth Day celebrations going on around this past weekend. During a stroll around Mineral Palace Park we met members of OHNO (Old Historic North-side Organization). They are passionate, as we all should be, about the upkeep of this beautiful, historical laden park.
For more info on OHNO click here.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Green with Envy

We think this storybook home is a star of it's neighborhood near PCC.
No, this home isn't made of gingerbread, though it looks as if it jumped out of the pages of an enchanted tale. I love how the ivy adorns the the balcony and front entrance as if it thinks it part of the house itself. But what really gets me is this guy's lawn. Its barely April and it's as if he rolled out a green velvet carpet. Definitely something for all of us to aspire to.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Desert Dry

Just a curiosity seen back in an old part of town once known as Smelters.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Early Arugula and Butter

Arugula and butter lettuce curls. Lettuce flourishes in a spring garden. This is the perfect time to start your spring potager.
I know keeping my garden seeds in one big basket tends to mix things, however, I was surprised when my salad greens sprouted right next to our tulips! I noticed little curls coming right at the stem of the tulips that were a different color and shape than your normal weed, so I decided watch it and see what it might be. A few other tulips developed red arugula shaped leaves, so curiously I kept watching and watering. Before you know it we had a whole salad in our tulip bed! These crispy leaves did better than the lettuce box I planted in the actual potager. They flourished in the sun of a south facing bed, and we were treated to a garden fresh salad for dinner last night.

Pluck a few handfuls of greens, wash well, add wedges of Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomatoes, onion slices and drizzle with balsamic vinegar, and a tiny dollop of blue cheese and there yo have it!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Scrolling Grey

This delicate iron work can be found as part of a gazebo downtown across from the Union Depot.
Don't think of cloudy days as gloomy or down. Think of them as days to relax and quiet down from the norm, to gather your thoughts and rest your mind!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

Castle Doors

Guest editor "Teddy" chose these doors for a photo, as he thought they looked like the doors to a draw bridge of a castle. They are actually found UNDER a bridge downtown near the Veteran's Bridge.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Not Just Southern Charm

I was speeding by this arch had Dejavu, so I had to whip around to get a picture.  These purple darlings were just starting to bloom but I wanted to share this adorable arch, and mark it as a reminder to go back by it later in the season to see it all abloom. It reminded me of all the gorgeous wisteria that draped itself along the roads by where we lived in Alabama. Add to the foreground, a sprinkling of fireflies and you have yourself the beginning of summer in the South.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Winds were so strong they up-rooted this tree causing passer-bys to do a double take. Photo by"T"!

Monday, April 9, 2012


Photo by B.V
These brilliant daffodils, taken by staff photographer "Blaise" should get us through a partly cloudy, yet warm week.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Door

Pink and white tulips blend with the twigs and baby's breath.
Ok, before we move to other doors, I did want to show these off again. Probably every time they get changed you will see them! But this time I had a helper with them.

The other day a visiting nephew was tinkering around the house with me. He came up to me and said "You have I love You's everywhere!" When I asked what he meant, he said he was referring to all the written "I Love You's" I have tucked, pinned, written or hanging up around the house. I explained that I guess I hadn't noticed how they added up, but they are just little notes from time to time,  that we have written to each other, and that for some reason I tend to save and pin up the ones that say I love you on them.  That its the simple little things that count in my book. He said that was neat, and we then moved on and continued tinkering about. But what he didn't know was that he soon made an "I Love You" for me to keep when he jumped at the chance to help me with the doors and porch. See, I know to most people they are just doors with twigs and flowers stuck in them. But, me and "T" know, they are one of those "little things" that make our souls smile. Thanks "T' for leaving me an "I love you" note. You did a wonderful job!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Quiet Excitement

One of two deer on the loose in Aberdeen.

Our family, when we are out for drives in the mountains, has an on going bet to see who can spot the first signs of wildlife.

Well, today I win a dollar and it was in the middle of town! 

This not so little guy and I literally almost ran into each other this morning. Out for my usual walk/jog (aka the "wog"), with music blaring through my headphones, I saw in the distance something running straight towards me! 

I thought it was just one of the many dogs that barked at me along my route.  It wasn't till I got closer that it's size startled me. At first I thought it was the Great Dane I had passed in the park, but then quickly realized it was even too big for a dog! I slowed, preparing to flee in the other direction when my eyes finally focused on this majestic looking deer.

I scared him too. 

As soon as his eyes focused on me, (he probably wasn't wearing his glasses either), 
he shot a sharp right to turn into a nearby driveway.
But then, curiously he stopped and just stood there looking at me. 

I wondered why he stood there. Usually they get scared and run off. I sensed his hesitation to run. Was I the "Deer Whisperer"? No. I soon realized I was standing between him and his companion. 

Right behind me was another creature as gorgeous and as large as he was. 

...And there I was standing in the middle of the street, hardly containing my excitement, scrambling in my pockets for my camera, while frantically, yet quietly, trying to call attention to someone, anyone else, nearby to see. 

I know these guys are seen frequently in this neighborhood, and are a dime a dozen around this state, but do you ever notice how excited most of get when we spot one and we have to shout out 
"Look! A deer!"?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ring of snow

It looks like a lot of snow cropped and close up, but really, it was only maybe an inch, if that!
We woke up to a light snow, but by noon we were already in our yards and enjoying the sun.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

50 Degrees the Other Way

Newly blossomed tulips get a dusting of snow
Sunday had Puebloans working in their gardens, having picnics in the park, and  kids, at least at our house, running through the sprinklers. The near 90 degree temps set a record high for the day. But, old man winter said "not so fast!" Monday and Tuesday sent is running to our blankets for snuggles by the fireplace with a dusts of ice and snow dropping the temp to the 30's. A 50 degree temperature change overnight you say? Must be springtime in Colorado. Those of you coming in for the weekend, don't fret, we supposedly should be back up to the 70's by then.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Colorado Blue Spruce

Colorado's official state tree, the Blue Spruce.
This giant is a perfect specimen of the spruces mentioned to be in the aboretum.
Its close to 3 stories tall and aprox. 30 feet wide.- off Carlile Ave.
The inspiration for today's photo was this past weekend's Chieftain article about a historical arboretum walk in City Park. I was much younger then, but I remember when the tree walk was partially intact. We weren't allowed in the park alone till we were much older, but I remember wandering off from time to time, playing or chasing after our escapee dog "Blackie" and stopping to read the markers on, and identifying certain trees - it was all so interesting and romantic to a young mind.  I believe it was that, combined with my dad's frequent reciting of the Joyce Kilmer poem "Trees" that sparked, and passed on his love of nature to me.  I even dedicated a big science project to both the poem and trees, and its a fascination that continues to this day.  We here at PPAD wish Pat McCracken all the luck in updating the brochure for this walk and can't wait to see the finished project.  To see the article click here. To read the Joyce Kilmer poem "I think that I shall never see..." click here